Business Analytics

At Data Steering, we combine multiple techniques and strategies to address the risk factors, take a possible course of action, and improve business performance. Insightful data helps to facilitate better decision-making process; get growing opportunities into the new market; determine new profits; track potential customer’s behavior; discover marketing growth strategies, and respond to real-time business needs.

Techniques Data Steering experts use for strategic business analytics

  • SWOT Analysis: S- Strength, W- Weaknesses, O- Opportunities, T- Threats
  • MOST Analysis: M- Mission, O- Objective, S- Strategy, T- Tactics
  • Requirement Interviews
  • Requirement workshops
  • CATWOE: C- Customers, A- Actors, T- Transformation Process, W- World View, O- Owner, E- Environmental Constraints
  • User stories
  • Non-functional requirement analysis
  • PESTLE Analysis: P- Political, E- Economic, S- Social or Socio-cultural, T- Technological, L- Legal, E- Environmental
  • Mind-mapping
  • Use case modeling
  • Business process modeling
  • Data modeling
  • Brainstorming

How can you benefit from our services?

Our analyst’s team with comprehensive industry expertise caters all the needs of small, medium and large size companies from various business domains such as healthcare, retail, travel, and hospitality, etc. We collect and interpret the data to analyze the weak and strong sections of the client’s business and take the best actions in real time. The accumulated data helps foresee coming situation to create the models.

  • Evaluate customer base
  • Track internal business performance by accessing the essential information
  • Recognize the new market trends
  • Improve operational efficiencies
  • Outperform the competitors
  • Boost business profitability

Ensure next-generation performance development

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