Predictive Analysis

At Data Steering, we use historical data and analytical, statistical, and machine learning tactics to create a mathematical predictive model that is used on the present-day data to understand the future events.

We do the predictive analysis to help you forecast what valuable thing is going to occur in the coming time such as lead scoring, buyers behavior, customer lifetime value (CLV), the most favorable frequency for posting, best possible cost, and customer defection.

We have the complete team of knowledgeable professionals who use predictive algorithms, modeling, and machine learning to determine the possibility of future outcomes and run the business in growing way. The experts have all standard predictive analytics capabilities including statistical analysis and visualization; predictive modeling; data mining; decision making, supervision and deployment; and big data analytics.

Steps follow during predictive analysis:

Step1: Identify the business issues and opportunity
Step2: Define the important metric
Step3: Find out which analysis technique will be used
Step4: Select the accurate and useful historical data from various sources
Step5: Data analysis and improvements
Step6: Create models for advanced predictive analysis on the basis of collected data using curve fitting tools, statistics
Step7: Incorporate the model into forecasting system
Step8: Test the predictive model using various machine learning methods
Step9: Converse result to organizational decision-makers
Step10: Execute the analytics process by implementing decisions taken on the basis of findings

Predictive modeling process

Predictive modeling estimates the result at an upcoming situation on the basis of changes to the inputs using computational and mathematical methods. We create the model with automation and design features to provide easier and faster access. Our models use variable algorithms for the data selection, collection, and assimilation.

  • Set and define the business objective
  • Identify modeling goal
  • Collect precise, actionable, and easily available data
  • Prepare the gathered data by reducing the issues of missing values, outliers, and merging the data sources
  • Find out and change the variables
  • Practice and assess the predicting model
  • Predicting model validation
  • Execute the model and monitor the performance

Predictive analysis tools our experts use to serve your needs: –

We have a wide-ranging collection of advanced tools that help to comprehend the connectivity between data, set up the influential business metrics, and advanced statistical analysis. The advanced tools help recognize the data format and know more other than deciding what will happen next.

  • Lattice
  • PMML (Predictive Model Markup Language)
  • Boosted Model
  • Count Regression
  • Software API such as Anomaly Detective, INRIX, Google Prediction API, Data Science Studio, Fliptop, H2O, Datumbox Machine Learning Framework, etc
  • K-Centroids Analysis
  • Forest Model
  • Predictive Lead Scoring Platforms such as Angoss KnowledgeSCORE, SalesPredict, Lattice Engines, Salesfusion, 6sense, etc
  • AB Test Analysis
  • Market Basket Analysis
  • Open Source and Freeware Software such as KNIME, NumPy, Tanagra, DSS, GraphLab Create, RapidMiner, Vowpal Wabbit, and more
  • Principal Components
  • R Analytics
  • Customer Churn, Renew, Upsell, and Cross Sell Software Tools such as Predixion Insight, PROS Sales Optimizer, Adobe Recommendations, Bluenose, etc
  • Test of Means
  • Scoring In-DB
  • Proprietary Software such as STATISTICA, MATLAB, KNIME, ODM, Rapid Insight Analytics, GMDH Shell, Minitab, IBM Predictive Analysis, SAP Predictive Analysis, etc
  • TS Compare
  • Append Cluster
  • Predictive Pricing Solutions such as Retalon Dynamic Price Management System, Upstream Commerce Dynamic Pricer, Blue Yonder Dynamic Pricing, ECOPA Prezzu, etc
  • And many more….

Clients we are serving

Since inception, we have been catering numbers of clientele successfully from various sectors. The client’s success is our biggest achievement. With years of experience, we have gained the highest know-how in analytical tools and methods. We always adopt the extraordinary and business-driven methods to get the most precise predictions that help a client to place its business into the new indomitable position of the market and experience the constant growth.

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Travel and hospitality
  • Manufacturing
  • Energy production
  • Finance
  • Healthcare and life sciences
  • Retail industry
  • Industrial automation and machinery

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