The Age of AI and ML

Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning are changing the world around us tremendously. There is no industry left without the impact of AI and ML. Every industry is on the cusp of change. Whether it is self-driving cars, computer aided interpretation of medical images, robots beating human in simulation modeling, prediction in every industry- impact of AI and ML is massive.
We are sitting on the cusp of fourth industrial revolution. The fourth industrial revolution is going to bring changes whose impact will be tremendous to the extent we are not been able to think off.
Time has come when machine has started giving results better than humans in several fields. AI has given intelligence to machines. Time is not far when people will start calling robots as their best friends.
Neuroscience is helping to create machine which can follow the thought process of human minds. The best benefit would come when machines can start diagnosing faster than humans and the diagnosis should be better than the ones done by humans.
The entertainment and retail industry is another big user of this disruption. Netflix, amazon prime and other content provider predict the choice of the customers. AI/ML is helping to understand the buying pattern of the consumers and is helping the company to best receive their results.
News is around the corner that AI software are being developed to write first draft of the articles.We are also noticing how AI combined with robotics is replacing human for repetitive works. This trend will increase drastically in the future. However, it is not like that AI will only take jobs, it is definitely going to create several as it happened at the time of second and third industrial revolution.
People argue that machine will start controlling humans in future. History tells us that Machines has always proved to be best friend of humans. Machines have helped humans to raise their standard of living. It has helped humans to perform toughest job on the earth. Humans have always find the way to best utilize the machines.
The fight for supremacy will continue between machine & human and humans will always find a way to best utilize the machines. Any technology is best when it has vast application to solve the problem of mankind and it can be used by masses i.eit leads to democratization of technology.
I also believe that machine will not be able to copy every aspect of human behavior. A vast part of human mind still remains to be explored. With the current pace, it will still take years to build a machine which can copy each aspect of human behavior.

About the author :-Jayesh Tripathi is an IIM and Pittsburgh University alumnus and is a AI/ML enthusiast.
Disclaimer: The views expressed in this blog are author’s personal point of view and do not in any way represent that of the organization author work for.